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DDoS Expert Demonstrates How to Become a DDoS Mitigation Master

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DDoS mitigation is the one of the more recent facts of life for just about any company that does business online. And because security issues change almost daily, it’s hard to keep up. You may think your DDoS mitigation strategy will protect your data, but how can you be sure?

An educational program from Imperva Incapsula, presented in conjunction with NimbusDDoS, can help.

Learn more about Incapsula DDoS Protection Bootcamp, the first free online DDoS training academy in the industry. You’ll get eight courses covering every important aspect of the DDoS landscape—from volumetric attacks to advanced reflection and amplification attacks—presented using interactive quizzes and real-time simulations that will help you master DDoS protection in no time. There's even a prize for the first correct answer to a special brainteaser challenge presented by Andy!

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn when you participate in these sessions:

• Mitigation techniques that can significantly reduce your risk of an attack.
• DDoS preparedness success: How to define—and achieve—it for your company.
• The role of training, and how it can help you be better prepared.
• Details on specific attack types, and why it’s important to understand the differences.
• The past, present, and future of DDoS, and how that information can help you protect your data today.