On Demand Incapsula Webinars

Securing High Performance Applications and Networks with BGP and Direct Connection

Have you considered using faster, more reliable direct connection for your applications, servers or network infrastructure? Our newly formed partnership with Equinix opens up a whole new range of architectural possibilities.

At this webinar you’ll get an inside look into:

+ The Equinix Cloud Exchange architecture, how to use it, and how to connect to it

+ How a direct connection to one of the largest DDoS providers in the world can help secure your network or applications by leveraging the BGP protocol

+ How direct connection delivers low latency, secure connections to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and SoftLayer

Learn from the experts. Equinix, the world's largest IBX data center and colocation provider, and Imperva Incapsula, a leading DDoS and CDN service trusted by thousands of customers, have partnered to bring you deep insights into how you can leverage direct connection for your business.