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How to Respond to Site Outages

Site downtime caused by malicious attackers is on the rise. The reasons range from cause-driven hacktivism to outright extortion, but the results on a business are similarly devastating. Being prepared to face an attack is crucial for any business that needs to be online.
Companies that do not respond well risk alienating, or even angering their customers, potentially causing a social media firestorm and even long-term brand damage. That’s not to mention that cost of lost business, which can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars. But companies who have a communication plan gain the sympathy and respect of their customers, and can come out stronger.

Website status reporting experts Statuspage.io and DDoS mitigation specialists Incapsula teach

+ DDoS Attacks – What they are and who is behind them?
+ Do's and Don'ts for Communicating with Customers During and After an Attack
+ How to Build a Communication Plan for Attack Outages
+ How to Protect Your Site or Application from Future Attacks