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How to Measure—and Improve—Your DDoS Resiliency

You may think your organization is fully prepared for a DDoS attack on its network, but you may not know just how vulnerable you really are until you experience one. A new scoring system can help you understand where those weaknesses are, and how to fix them before the next attack.

The DDoS Resiliency Score is an innovative standard that quantifies your organization’s readiness for a DDoS attack and provides an infrastructure for taking corrective action. Watch today for “How to Measure—and Improve—Your DDOS Resiliency” and you’ll have a better understanding of how to determine your network’s vulnerability. And knowing your score will help you make more informed decisions about just how much to invest in your network’s security.

Here’s just some of what you’ll get from this informative webinar:

• How to get a good read on your network’s vulnerabilities.
• Where your current security gaps exist and how to measure the benefits of each fix before you make them.
• How mitigation technologies can help protect your network.
• How to develop a critical approach and determine DDoS maturity so you’re ready before your network is attacked.